Best Places to Install LED Strip Lights at Home

Install LED Strip Lights at Home

Best Places to Install LED Strip Lights at Home

LED strip lights are a favorite of many people to complement home interior designs, especially those with modern, minimalist or futuristic themes. By using LED strip lights, the room can feel more alive and charming. However, if you carelessly install LED strip lights, the house might look bright and not look pretty.

Where is the best place to install LED Strip lights?

Instead of being confused, just look at some of the places that are suitable for you to install with the following LED strip lights.

Install LED Strip Lights at Home
  1. Under the cot of the bed
    To make the bedroom look more comfortable than other rooms, you can add LED strip lights. Just attach it to the bottom of your bed. Choose a light color that matches the bedroom theme.
  2. In the ceiling gap
    Did you know that one way to outsmart a narrow room at home is to add an LED strip light to the ceiling gap. Installing an LED strip in the ceiling gap will make the ceiling in the house look taller and more voluminous. In addition, the lights in the ceiling gap can make the room not too bright and create a warm impression.
  3. Behind the computer or TV
    Who likes to work or watch TV in low light, but is afraid of sore eyes? Well, you can install an LED strip light on the back of a computer or TV. The use of LED strip lights can help illuminate the work space a bit, as well as beautify the appearance of monitors and TVs. In addition, the light produced from LED strip lights can also help the eyes not be too strained.
  4. In the upper cabinet of the kitchen set
    Kitchen set is one part of the home kitchen that must be made comfortable and tidy. One way is to install LED strip lights in the kitchen set cabinet. Installing LED strip lights at the top of the kitchen set will make the kitchen cabinet look voluminous and look more luxurious.
  5. Under the work desk and gaming desk
    Everyone definitely wants to have a comfortable and aesthetic work desk, especially for gamers. One way to make this happen is to install LED strip lights at the bottom of the work table and gaming table.

So, those are some of the best places to install LED strip lights at home.

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