Can You Leave The LED Lights On 24/7?

why is my led ceiling light flashing on and off

You heard it all the time when you were younger, “Turn off the lights before you leave the room!” but life moves fast and so does the technology that led us to the light-emitting LED. LEDs last longer and cost less to run. So, is it really terrible to leave those LED lights on all the time?
As a general rule, you can leave the LED lights on 24/7. They are a very safe and cost-effective method of lighting. But that doesn’t mean you should, as wearing them for so long has different consequences.
Read on to delve deeper into the world of LED lights and find out why you can (but probably shouldn’t) keep them on all the time.

Is it ok to leave LED lights on all the time?

Well-made LED lights are long-lasting and can be left on all day, every day. But this is not necessarily true of cheaper and poorly manufactured LED lights.
Unlike older types of light, LEDs emit small amounts of heat, so they are not a fire hazard. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to leave them on all day.

Can you sleep with LED lights on?

Technically yes, but probably not a good idea. All artificial light, even LEDs, can disrupt normal sleep rhythms.
When artificial light is introduced into the mix, the body’s normal rhythms are disrupted. This cycle is called our circadian rhythm. And it can be aggressively interrupted by artificial lights.
In addition to this, LED lights create blue light. Research shows that exposure to blue light lowers the body’s production of melatonin (the chemical that makes you sleepy).
So even though your LED lights won’t be affected if they’re on all night, your sleep routine most likely could be.

why is my led ceiling light flashing on and off

What are the reasons not to leave LED lights on all the time?

Here are the two main things to keep in mind when it comes to why you shouldn’t leave those lights on 24/7:
Your Electric Bill – The longer you leave the lights on, the higher your electricity costs will be
Being a good citizen – Wasted energy adds up quickly and has a huge negative impact on our planet. If you do not need them, it is always advisable to turn them off.

How much more does it really cost to leave the lights on 24/7?

It depends on what kind of house you are in. Individual light bulbs won’t consume much energy, but prices can soon rise. the average US household has 45 light bulbs.
The good news is that keeping an LED bulb on at night will cost a lot less than keeping a regular bulb on all night.

Are LED strip lights also safe to leave on?

In most cases, LED strip lights can be left on 24/7. But make sure you buy high quality strip lights. Unfortunately, many of the cheap LED strips on the market are poorly made. They are usually undercooled and improperly connected, which is quite dangerous.
Make sure the light you buy meets the safety regulations (UL, IEC, etc.) put in place for LED bulbs.
High quality LED strips may cost more money, but they are significantly safer and will be better in the long run.

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