Do LED Lights Affect My Electricity Bill?

Save Money On LED Light

LED bulbs are becoming more popular than traditional incandescent bulbs. But some people are not convinced that they are increasing their electricity bill. Here’s what you need to know about how much electricity they use. LED bulbs typically use much less electricity than traditional incandescent bulbs. You may find that you can save approximately 85 to 90 % of your electricity bill by converting to LED lights. How much they consume depends on their size, density and power.

Power Consumption of LED lights

Since LEDs require less energy to produce the same light output, the reverse is also true. That is, to get a similar amount of light, you need to use an LED lamp that requires less electricity. The main indicator that allows you to see how much electricity LED lamps or anything else consumes is their power. See the table below for LED lamp wattage for equivalent traditional light bulbs.
Equivalence of luminous flux means that you can even use a higher wattage LED bulb and still save energy. For example, to get brightness similar to a 60-watt incandescent bulb (or a 13-16-watt CFL), you can use a 6- to 9-watt LED bulb. But even if you use, say, a 12W to 18W light bulb, you’ll still save on your energy bill. This is because the difference in electricity consumption, savings and costs is huge. Whether you use the equivalent of a 6-9W or a higher 12-18W LED bulb, the wattage is still much less than 60W.

Is it safe to use LED bulbs for a long time?
yes As a rule, they can be left on for a long time, for example all night. Because they don’t produce as much heat as incandescent bulbs, they are much less likely to catch fire. Also, unlike CFL lamps, they do not contain mercury.

Are LED lights an ideal replacement for incandescent lights?
LED bulbs use much less electricity than incandescent bulbs, but they differ in quality. You may have to replace them more often, but only if you buy poor quality ones. They are also more expensive and may not be suitable for use with dimmer switches.

Can I use an equivalent larger LED bulb and still save energy?
Yes, of course, because the difference in power is huge. This was explained above in the Power Consumption of LED Lamps section.

Which type of LED bulbs will save more electricity?
In general, SMD LEDs are more efficient in terms of power consumption than other types.

Save Money On LED Light

Is Your Electricity Consumption Still High?

If you already use LED bulbs and are worried about your electricity bills being so high, now you know that LED bulbs are not the cause.
So you don’t have to go back to using incandescent or energy efficient (CFL) light bulbs because they will increase your bill even more instead. Using LED lights was the right choice. There is probably another reason for the high power consumption.
Check for unused devices and appliances. Do not leave them on if they are not in use for a long time. You can also use the power monitor to check which device or appliance is using the most electricity.

If you’re worried about your LED lights drawing too much electricity, the information in this article has shown that you don’t have to. Compared to incandescent lamps and compact fluorescent lamps, they consume much less electricity, which means they are cheaper.
We have shown by example that you can save between 85 and 90% on your energy bills. Only the light bulb’s rated wattage will tell you approximately how much electricity it actually consumes. Rest assured that you can safely use LED bulbs without worrying about your energy bills.

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