How can LED strips be glued to wood?

How LED Strip Glued to Wood

The easiest way is to stick self-adhesive LED strips on wood. If you want to make a permanent bond, hot glue is very suitable for use on wood. Wood glue also works, but it takes longer to dry and has to be pressed down harder.

Glue self-adhesive LED strips

If you want to stick LED strips on a smooth surface, you can easily use self- adhesive LED strips . Here you save on additional glue and only have to peel off the protective layer to stick the light strip in the desired position on the wood. It is important that the wood is not oiled and that you dust it off before gluing the LED strip with adhesive backing.

Glue to wood with hot glue

Another variant for gluing LED strips to wood is hot glue. The adhesive, which liquefies when it is hot and hardens immediately, is only required in small quantities, since an LED strip weighs practically nothing. It is important that you place the adhesive dots on the wood at a distance of 10 cm from each other on the straight line and at a maximum of 2 cm from each other around corners.

How LED Strip Glued to Wood

Glue with wood glue

LED strips can also be glued to wooden beams, wooden cabinets or wooden slats with wood glue. To do this, mark the adhesive surface, since the wood glue is not applied to the back of the strip, but to the wooden surface. Whether you draw a thin line or apply the glue selectively depends on the width of the LED strip. Now press the LED strip lightly.

Glue the LED strips to the wood

Because it dries in seconds, superglue is not the first choice when hanging an LED strip on wood. However, if you want to stick the LEDs around the corner or hang them up precisely on the edge of a shelf, superglue can be the ideal solution. Important: The application should be done in such a way that the strip is pressed on without delay. Therefore, at best, only two adhesive dots are used.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to do if the LED strip comes loose in the corners?

With self-adhesive LED strips there is a risk that they will come loose from the corners due to the swelling and shrinking behavior of the wood. Here you can repair it, for example by using a small drop of superglue and pressing the strip lightly.

The wood is oiled. Can I still glue the LED strip?

Gluing is a challenge with oiled wood. It can work, but requires some preparation. Self-adhesive LED strips do not stick to oiled wood. If you use hot glue, slightly roughen the area to be glued and apply a larger drop of glue.

Can I also nail LED strips or will they break?

If the LED strips have small holes, they can definitely be nailed on. In the case of continuous strips, it is better to avoid this, as it is possible that you will meet a resistance or that you will damage a wafer-thin line and a light will now go out.

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