How to Connect Led Strip Lights?

How to Connect Led Strip Lights

How to Connect LED Lights Together

It is very common to see that shop facades and house fronts are decorated with light flashing colored lights that have an advertising or decorative function. The design of different colors can be achieved thanks to a material such as LED strips, which can be of different sizes and of any shape. In addition, it can reproduce various pre-programmed light effects.

The strip is based on a flexible strip with a length of LEDs. They are interconnected in a parallel circuit circuit with flexible electrical tracks, so that the strip can be cut into 3 or 6 diode parts, depending on the voltage. Possible cut lines are marked for each lane. Next to them there are special places for connecting wires.

Double-sided tape is glued to the inner side of the tape, which greatly facilitates its installation and fixation on the desired surface. There is a huge amount and variety of LED strips on the construction market.

How to Connect an LED Strip at Home?

Currently, LED strips with a length of 5 meters are widely used. They can be easily constructed or, conversely, cut into segments of the required length, up to several centimeters. The strips easily turn and take any shape, therefore, in addition to installation on the facades of houses and shops, it is also used in the interior of the home. With its help, suspended ceilings, lighting in the kitchen, as well as in aquariums, terrariums, etc.

How to Connect Led Strip Lights

Each strip is characterized by the number of LEDs that fall per meter of length. This parameter must be marked with a sign. Therefore, it must be taken into account that the more LEDs there are per meter, the higher the light output and, accordingly, the energy consumption. The LEDs themselves can be arranged in one row or two. In addition, they can be coated with varnish or silicone, or they are usually without protection.

The power of the LED strip comes from direct current with a voltage of 12 V or 24 V. Therefore, when choosing a strip, it is necessary to purchase a transformer that will reduce the voltage when connected to a standard network. Its characteristics are selected according to the declared power consumed by the LED lamp. It is basically 12V or 24V

As mentioned above, for each type of lane, a certain part of the declared power, calculated per linear meter, is indicated on the border. Depending on these data, the necessary power supply is selected, which is suitable for these parameters. If the length of the tape is significantly longer, it must be cut into several parts and each of them must be connected to a separate transformer.

In order for it not to be mistaken when choosing the parameters of the power supply, you need to know the entire band connected to the network. Marking with technical characteristics is indicated on the reel. Energy consumption directly depends on how many diodes will be on one meter of tape.

Fina Words:
LED strips are extremely thin lighting elements consisting of LEDs grouped in one line, these SMD LEDs are characterized by extremely small dimensions and good efficiency in terms of light output and energy ratio. An extremely important component of the LED strip is the PCB strip, it is used as a base on which the LEDs are soldered, and also acts as a cooling system. This tape is made of copper and can be single-sided or double-sided.

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