How to Cut Led Strip Lights?

How to Cut & Connect Led Strip Lights?

How to Reconnect Cut LED Strips

LED strip lights are designed to be easily cut apart with scissors. Each LED has a pair of copper dots on the ends. As long as you cut between the dots all the LEDs will work. From there, you can connect the LED to a power source via quick connectors or by soldering. If they are connected correctly, all the LEDs should light up in a multicolored display.

Cut & Connect Led Strip Lights

Measure the length of the LED you need. The LEDs come in 1 long strip. You can trim individual LEDs when you need them, but they must be cut at certain points to work properly. Determine how long you need the LED strip before cutting the lights.

Find the secant at the copper LED points. Look for a pair of copper dots on the back of the LED strip. The copper dots indicate where each light connects to the next on the strip. You will see dotted secant lines running between the copper dots. Choose the line closest to the length of the LED you measured earlier. The line is the only place you can safely cut the LED. If you cut elsewhere, some of the LEDs won’t work.

Cut the LED strip with scissors. A pair of scissors will do the job. Hold the lamp and cut along the dotted line. You have to cut between the copper dots.

Securing the LEDs to the Quick Connector

Align the quick connector with the LED strip. Quick connectors can be purchased with LED bulbs and are a hassle-free way to complete electrical circuits. The LED will have + and – printed on the back. Align the connector’s black wire with – and the red wire with +.

How to Cut & Connect Led Strip Lights?

Pull the plastic bar from the quick connector. Hold the connector with hand. Find the small plastic bar, at the end. Pull this bar forward to open the connector.

Peel off LED adhesive tape. Pull back from the LED just enough to expose the copper terminals at the end. If your LED doesn’t have this support, you’ll need to trim the plastic from the terminals.

Attach the LED to the connector. Slide the lead of the LED directly into the quick connector. Make sure the wires line up properly.

Close the plastic bar on the quick connector. Pull the plastic bar back onto the LED to hold it in place. The LED shouldn’t move when you let it go. It also protects the connection from damage.

Connect the quick connector cable to the same color cable in the power outlet. Use terminal wire connectors from a home improvement store. Connect the cable to the connector, then turn the connector screw clockwise to secure the cable in place. Plug the power supply cable into the other end of the terminal.

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