How to do Decoration and Creativity with LED Lights?


What is Decoration and Creativity LED light?

We have best creative lighting tips are for your decoration. It’s time to leave your living room, bedroom, garden or dining room just the way you like it. LED lighting provides a modern and cool decoration style, and can be used in different ways, enhancing and stylizing your space. If you’re curious to learn more about creative lighting, keep reading this post.


Creative decoration requires good taste and creativity: you have that, right? Practical and cost-effective options , the LED lamps have several options of colors and sizes, pleasing all tastes.

The use of creative LED is a very nice choice for those people who like to unite the useful with the pleasant. You can choose between ribbons, hoses, curtains or spots in your decor, observing the characteristics of each type of lighting chosen. LED strips and hoses are the current darlings of the moment, completely changing the impact of lighting on the environment . But the options don’t stop there, you can also use LED lamps in your table lamp, chandelier or pendant , for example! Creativity is what you need to make your home full of personality.


Every environment has a use, Check out these creative LED usage tips.

At the head of the bed, you can place a lamp and choose between different colors of LED lamps to install on it. If you want a color that makes you feel cozy before bed, choose a yellow or red lamp. If you prefer a feeling of calm and tranquility, choose a blue lamp. How about a lamp of each color?! It’s also an option, the mix of warm and cold colors looks super cool!

At the head of the bed or on the shelf in the bedroom, you can place LED strips inside glass bottles. This is a sustainable, cheap and modern option. Take that pretty bottle you’ve been saving but haven’t found a use for yet, and turn it into a lamp. The look is super cute!

If your room has open plaster molding, install LED strips around the edges. You can choose different colors and think which one suits your room best. Remember that there are LED options that change color and frequency when using the remote control.

What do you think about having a futuristic bed in your room ?! That’s right, have you heard of the “neon bed”? Famous on social networks such as Pinterest and Instagram, she is one of the darlings of the moment. Just place LED strips, in the color of your choice, on the underside of the bed frame and that’s it! When the light is turned off, the bed lighting will stand out in the room. Color tips: green, purple and blue.

Pendant lamps are modern and value any environment. Great options for direct light, they are suitable for the kitchen! You can install white color LED lamp. It’s important to see well to cook and enjoy your time as a chef, isn’t it?!

On the kitchen countertop you can install LED strips of different colors . The colorful look makes the atmosphere relaxed! If you prefer to use monochrome tape, colors like red or yellow can really enhance the location.


You may have already seen that some restaurants use LED hoses in the decoration of the room, right? Words or phrases written on the wall, leaving the environment with the face of Instagram. What do you think about doing this in your own home? Best of all, you can choose any word or phrase you want. With the LED hose you are the boss.

If you have closed plaster moldings in your dining room, you can install LED spotlights in different colors. The jovial and fun look never goes out of style.

If your bathroom has closed plaster moldings, you can install spots with LED light. The white color is a great option, so the environment is bright enough to shave or put on makeup.

You can install LED strips along the edges of the mirror. Colored lamp options are the most suitable for this type of decoration.

You can install LED strips of different colors on shelves or niches in your living room. In addition to valuing the furniture, the highlight of the light makes the environment more cozy.

Another good tip is to highlight the paintings displayed on the wall, for this you just need to place LED tape around them.

Can you imagine watching your favorite series and leaving that background light behind the screen?! Another trend, super cool, is to install LED strip behind the TV panel.

The LED curtain is super modern and values ​​any space. You can find colored or monochromatic curtains, as well as different sizes.

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