How To Install LED Strip Lights?

How To Installing LED Strip Lights?

In addition to offering beautiful lighting, these lights are just as efficient as regular LED lights. Learn how to install LED strip lights on the ceiling of your house.

How to Installing LED Strip Lights on the Ceiling?

  • Select the Installation Location of the LED Strip Lights
    The first step in how to install an LED strip light is planning where to install it. Generally, LED strip lights are installed on floating ceilings (hanging ceilings), so the results are more attractive and the LED strips are not visible. However, this lamp can still be installed on the sides of an ordinary ceiling, only the LED strip will be visible.
  • Measure the LED Strip Lights to be Installed
    After planning where the LED strip will be installed, then you have to measure how long the lamp is needed. In the market, these lamps are usually sold in rolls with a length of about 5 meters. If the installation requires more than 5 meters, then you must apply a parallel connection system. If you do not use a parallel system and use a series connection system, the light on the first roll and the next roll will be uneven. LED Strip actually also has many variations in size, therefore you need to measure how long the lamp will be installed.
How To Installing LED Strip Lights?
  • Connect the Lamp to the Battery or Power Supply
    When the size has been measured correctly, solder the ends of the light strips to the switch and power supply. When making connections, don’t forget to pay attention to the positive and negative parts. If the wrong connection is made, the worst possibility can cause an electric short circuit and is very dangerous. The power supply used must be adjusted to the power required by the LED lamp.
  • Stick the Lights As Planned
    If the method for installing the LED strip lights above has been done, then the next step is to stick it according to plan. How to install LED strip lights on the ceiling is very easy, because generally LED strips already have strong adhesive on the back. But if the LED strip that you buy doesn’t have adhesive on the back, you can use double-sided tape yourself. When installing on the ceiling, make sure not to fold the LED strip in the corner of the room.
  • Do a Trial
    When the LED strip lights have been installed as planned, do a test run by turning on the lights. If there is, connect the lamp with a cellphone or you can also use a special remote to turn on the LED light. Make sure the LED light is on properly.

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