LED Office Light and Warehouse Lighting Tips

Warehouse and Office LED Lighting

The right lighting in an office is very important, because it affects the concentration, productivity and well-being of employees. Choosing lighting with the right light color and light intensity is therefore very important. In addition, there are other factors that play an important role. In this blog we explain everything so that you can easily make the right choice for the lighting in your office.

Light Color LED Office Lighting

Firstly, choosing the right light color is important. LED lighting is available in different color temperatures, namely warm white (3000K), bright white (4000K) and cold white (6000K). Warm white is a cozy light color with a yellow / orange glow. Cold white is a cool light color with a blue glow. The light color clear white is in between. This light color is most suitable for offices and for optimal lighting in your office it is therefore best to choose clear white 4000K. This light color promotes the ability to concentrate.

UGR Value and Flickering LED Light

In addition to the correct light colour, it is important to pay attention to the correct UGR value and the degree of flickering of the light. The UGR value is about the degree of glare from a light source. It stands for ‘Unified Glare Rating’. In the office it can be very annoying when there is too much glare. This can cause concentration problems and tired eyes. In addition to this value, it is important that the LED lighting does not flicker. Even when it is (almost) imperceptible, a small amount of flicker in the office can cause tired eyes, headaches and migraines. For offices you can use a flicker-free LED driver.

The Right Amount of LED Light for the Office

The brightness is also very important. The light intensity is expressed in ‘lux’. This is the amount of light per unit area. This is, for example, one square meter. The amount of light is expressed in ‘lumens’, this unit does not take into account the surface over which the light is spread. Lux is therefore actually the amount of light (lumen) that reaches a certain surface, such as one square meter.

Advantages of LED Office Lighting

The main advantage of office lighting LED is that you can save a lot of money. LED lighting is very energy efficient compared to traditional office lighting such as fluorescent tubes. In addition to the fact that you save money, it is also a sustainable choice and in this way you can contribute to a better environment. Another important advantage of LED lighting is that it lasts much longer. If you provide your office with LED lighting, you do not have to replace this lighting often and you can save on maintenance costs. Furthermore, LED lighting is dimmable and does not contain harmful substances such as mercury.

Warehouse and Office LED Lighting

LED Warehouse Lighting

The right lighting for a warehouse is very important and it is not always easy to find the right lighting. Various factors must be taken into account here, such as the right light intensity, the right color temperature and also the avoidance of shadows. In this blog we explain the advantages of LED in warehouse lighting, which requirements the light has to meet and which LED products are best suited for your warehouse.

Advantages of LED Warehouse Lighting

Traditionally, fluorescent tubes are often used in camps. The disadvantage of this type of lighting is very high energy consumption and electricity costs. In addition, fluorescent tubes often flicker. This can be very disruptive while working, leading to fatigue and also reduced alertness. This leads to reduced productivity. LED lighting offers a good alternative to traditional tube lighting. You can save at least 50% on energy costs. LED lighting has an average lifespan of 50,000 hours. For comparison, fluorescent tubes only have a lifespan of 10,000 burning hours. Your investment in new LED lighting will therefore quickly pay for itself.

Warehouse Lighting: What Needs to be Considered?

There are several factors that need to be considered when choosing the right warehouse lighting. Here are the main ones:

The Right Light Intensity

It is important for warehouse workers to always have good brightness. Not only on the work surface but also when packing the products. It is of course also important that the racks are well lit. There is a European standard for lighting in warehouses (NEN-EN 12464-1). This standard assumes a light level of 100 to 150 lux. A good guideline for the different areas in the warehouse is the following.

Unoccupied aisles in the warehouse 20 lux

Occupied aisles in the warehouse 150 lux

Expedition and Pack rooms 300 lux

The Right Light Temperature

The color temperature is given in Kelvin (K). LED lighting is available in the light colors warm light (3000K), bright light (4000K) and cold light (6000K). For warehouses, a cold light temperature is the most recommended. For bearings we generally recommend 4000K. If brightness is particularly important to you, then you can try 6000K. This light offers very good brightness due to the high proportion of blue light.

The Correct Color Rendering Index (CRI)

The appropriate color rendering index is also important. LED lighting should be of high quality and have a CRI of over 80. If the lighting does not meet these requirements, this can lead to rapid fatigue of the warehouse workers.

Avoid Shadows and Ensure Even Light

In order to always offer a constant brightness, it is important that the lamps are distributed as evenly as possible. This means that the products and racks are always clearly visible. It is also important to ensure that there are no disturbing shadows that can limit the brightness.

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