LED Outdoor Lighting & Waterproof LED Lamps (IP values)

Waterproof LED Light for Outdoor

With LED outdoor lighting, you can illuminate the garden, nature, terraces, paths, driveways and facades in every color of the rainbow in an economical and environmentally friendly way. It can still rain, so outdoor lighting should always be waterproof. The waterproof LED lamps can be recognized by their IP value. Below we explain more about it.

What are Waterproof LED Lights?

Waterproof LED lamps are constructed in such a way that water cannot penetrate. This is always indicated by an IP value. IP stands for ‘Ingress Protection’. Literally translated, this means “burglary protection”. It indicates to what extent a lamp is protected against the ingress of substances and liquids from the outside. Before buying a waterproof LED lamp, always pay attention to the IP value you need for your environment. For outdoor lighting, we always recommend an IP value of IP65 or higher.

What IP Value do You Need?

In order to be able to say what IP value you need, we first need to know where the lighting will be placed. For example, do you want to place the lighting indoors or outdoors? And is the room where you put the lighting wet or not wet (eg: a bathroom). We will first explain how to read the IP value. An IP value always contains 2 digits. The first digit stands for protection against solid objects and dust. The second digit stands for protection against liquids such as water.

Types of LED Outdoor lighting

Now that we know what type of lighting we can and cannot use outdoors, we can consider what types of lamps are suitable for specific environments and applications. Below we discuss the possible application of waterproof LED outdoor lighting and what IP value it often has.

Waterproof LED Light for Outdoor

Lighting of Gardens and Plants

LED garden spotlights and outdoor lights are suitable for the decorative lighting of your gardens and plants. For example, think of tree lighting, hedge lighting or fence lighting. The LED garden lights are usually placed on the ground to shine upwards. In this way, certain objects can be additionally illuminated.
LED garden spotlights and outdoor lights have an IP value of IP66. This is necessary in order to be able to stand outdoors without a protective roof. As a result, these lamps withstand even the heaviest rain showers.

Illumination of Walls and Facades

Wall and facade lighting can create a beautiful effect that attracts the attention of passers-by. You can achieve this by pointing an LED wallwasher or colored LED floodlight towards the wall you want to illuminate. These types of lamps are designed to illuminate large vertical surfaces. They can be floor or wall mounted so they can shine up or down.
The LED wallwashers have an IP66 value and can therefore be used in all weather conditions. The LED headlights have an IP65 value. We recommend installing these lamps at least semi-sheltered.

Illumination of Paths, Driveways and Entrances

It is advisable to light the paths well for safety reasons. Paths can be well illuminated with headlights. These can easily be directed to where light is needed. It is even possible to switch on the lamp with the help of a motion sensor. If your path has a canopy, it is also possible to install a waterproof LED fluorescent tube.
The LED headlights have an IP65 value and should be installed at least semi-protected. This also applies to the waterproof LED fluorescent tube.

Waterproof LED Strips

LED strips are an excellent way to creatively illuminate your outdoor spaces. Because the waterproof LED strips can also operate in color, you can easily customize the atmosphere. The waterproof LED strips are IP67, making them completely waterproof. So they can be used anywhere. Also in aquariums, ponds and swimming pools.

Connecting a Waterproof LED Outdoor Lighting

LED lighting alone can be waterproof. However, it is important to also connect these lights waterproof. This can easily be done by using a waterproof connector. This connector allows you to easily connect the power cables together without using a waterproof junction box. That saves time and money.

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