Which LED Lighting are Suitable for Gaming Room?

Led Light Setup

Placing the right game room lighting ensures that you can immerse yourself even more intensively in your favorite games! In this blog we show you how to optimally illuminate your gaming room with smart lighting, RGB and more. In addition, we introduce you to the products that allow you to create great lighting effects and a perfect setup for gaming. Are you going for the optimal gaming experience?

Why is LED the Best Choice for Game Rooms?

This has everything to do with the many light options that LED entails, such as RGB light, a high dimming range and the high light quality! Game room lighting is often filled in with soft light (mood lighting). After all, you don’t want to be blinded by too bright light and/or be hindered by reflections on your screen (sun or lighting). Dimmable LEDs have the advantage that they can be dimmed to 100% , so that you can perfectly adjust the light intensity to the time of day and/or your own wishes. In addition, LED has experienced additional growth with the arrival of smart lighting, which makes it possible to illuminate in all colors of the rainbow ( RGB lighting) in a few clicks / actions.). This wide choice of colors also ensures that a theme in the interior of your game room can be perfectly complemented. Finally, we point out the sustainable benefits that make LED a conscious choice. This reduces energy consumption and you experience a flicker-free light for a long time that remains optimal in terms of performance.

Which LED Lighting takes Gaming to the Next Level?

There is a wide range of LED lamps and fixtures that can be used in a game room, including LED strips, LED panels and LED ceiling lamps. Please note that the way the LEDs are placed and used is crucial to create the desired situation. One has enough light to be absorbed in a game if (colourful) background lighting is used, while the other wants to illuminate the entire room in an atmospheric way to make it a fun evening with friends or family. It is no coincidence that dimmable RGBW lighting is very popular in game rooms. The big advantage of smart lighting … You don’t have to interrupt your game, because the lighting is easy to control via an app on your smartphone or even via voice command.

Led Light Setup

Complete Your Gaming Design with LED Light

Thanks to their flexible design, RGBW LED strips can be attached to a wide variety of objects in your game room, such as furniture or equipment. This is easy and arranged in an instant, because the strips are self-adhesive . Moreover, you can determine the length of the LED strip yourself; you can cut these off at the cutting lines or link them together. This light source is therefore ideal for giving a (coloured) accent to, for example, your screen (mounting the back of the monitor), desk (mounting edges / sides) or on shelves / shelves. After all, you create a great light effect without being blinded by the light. In this case you speak of indirect lighting or backlighting .

The use of LED strips does not end with accent lighting. They can also be used to provide the entire room with a warm or colored light. You can mount them with or without aluminum profiles on the floor, walls or ceiling. Good to know! By creatively attaching these profiles to the desired surface with connectors, you can create a pattern for a more playful effect in your game room lighting. Smart LED bulbs and LED spotlights add excitement with dramatic light settings and come with many practical benefits.

Final Words:
Before you set up a game room, think about which color concept you want to apply. An ultimate game room is only complete if your gadgets (keyboard, PC, mouse, screen, etc.), furniture (gaming chair, desk, etc.), decor and RGB lighting form one whole. Popular game room lighting has the following colours: turquoise with pink and/or purple, blue with white and/or yellow, and red with black.

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