Why do LED Light Flicker & How to Prevent it?

Why Does My LED Light Flicker

LED lighting is known to be more effective than traditional lighting and can help you reduce your global ecological footprint.

Different Types of LED Light Flicker

If you already have LED lamps, you can experience an unpleasant effect called flickering. Even if it is less present than with classic halogen lamps, it can still occur. Some LED bulbs flicker a lot, others less. The flickering effect differs from lamp to lamp, actually it all depends on the hidden circuits.

There are two types of flicker:

  • Visible flicker: This is flicker that our eyes can see and occurs when the light output from a given source changes rapidly.
  • The invisible flicker: It is the flicker that is present but not visible.

Effect of LED Light Flickering

This effect is not only unpleasant, but can also be responsible for health problems. The most common symptoms are tired eyes, headaches and migraines. It can also interfere with eye movement control.

Most lamps flicker between bright and dark, but the flickering of the LEDs alternates between bright and black almost instantly. This means people can sometimes see a trail of the same image of a lamp repeating itself every time their eyes move across it. This pattern is particularly evident in car LED taillights, and sometimes in LED room lighting.

Another challenge is to prevent LED lamps from flickering when dimmed. Most standard wall dimmers use phase cutting, which removes part of the sine wave and reduces the voltage. However, this can negatively affect an LED circuit and even increase the flickering effect. If the LED bulb design is up to par, there is no chance of your lights flickering. However, if it is present, it means that the LED is made up of cheap and poor quality components.

Wrong Type of LED Dimmer

Replacing your old dimmer because the light is starting to flicker? Then you probably bought the wrong dimmer. If you use the wrong dimmer, your LED lighting may start to flicker. On the packaging it is often difficult to see which dimmer you need. Also, the terms are often displayed:

Phase cut-off: trailing edge or RC
Phase cut: leading edge or RL
Always check that you have bought the right dimmer and LED lighting.

Why Does My LED Light Flicker

The Wrong LED Driver

When switching from halogen to LED lighting, have you also considered replacing the driver or transformer? This device converts the mains voltage into the correct power for the lamp. Halogen lighting consumes more power than LED lighting, so a halogen driver will provide a higher power supply than the LED lights can handle. This can cause the lamps to flicker. Replace your driver with a driver suitable for the LED bulb.

A Broken LED Driver

Should the LED lighting flicker from one day to the next? Then it is possible that the driver is defective. This is often caused by overheating due to improper driver or lack of ventilation. If the driver is operated separately with the LED lamp, you only need to replace the driver. Is the driver in the LED lamp? Then replace the entire lamp. After replacement, it is important that the temperature of the driver does not exceed 50 degrees Celsius. This way you avoid repeating the problem.

Power Group Overload

Doesn’t the LED lighting flicker constantly, but does it fluctuate? Then check for yourself where the blinking occurs. It could be that the LED lamp starts flickering when heavier appliances such as the refrigerator or dishwasher are switched on? Could it be that the LED lighting starts flashing when heavier appliances such as the refrigerator or dishwasher are switched on? The LED lighting is very sensitive to external current pulses and can start to flicker in such situations. Finding a suitable solution to this problem is a bit more difficult, but it is very effective to connect heavier equipment to another group. With an extension cord you can of course test this temporarily and check if the flashing has decreased afterwards.

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