Why is My LED Bulb Blinking?

Led Light Flicker

LED bulbs are gradually replacing electric bulbs. But if you install them in a chandelier, flickering sometimes occurs. It is difficult to immediately diagnose the cause of flickering light in the apartment. The device blinks silently when turned on, but also when turned off. This leads to overloading and shortens the life of the device. It is very unpleasant for a person to have a flashing light. This phenomenon can occur for several reasons. Expert advice can help you choose why the LED bulb is flashing.

Reasons for Flickering when the Light is Off

It often happens that the light flickers after the lighting is turned off. It is not visible during the day, but it is clearly visible in the dark. Why does the energy-saving lamp flicker when the light is off? This behavior can be due to 3 reasons: low-quality product, poorly lit neon switch or improper installation.

Faulty Wiring
If the LED blinks after power off, the problem may be with the wiring. It is necessary to check whether the cable is connected. The correct connection is when the cable goes through a switch and not directly connected to the computer. A diode screwdriver will help you identify the thesis wire. After the wires are correctly distributed, the bulb is checked again, for serantira, boots. Flashing is often due to induced voltage. This happens when the power cord is located too close to the tripping point.

Bad Light Bulbs
With a faulty light bulb, it may flicker when turned off. There are many products that do not meet the standards, and in an attempt to save money, many people buy appliances from unknown manufacturers. If a defective product was purchased, it is enough to buy a new bulb.
Compact models very popular. In service rooms and corridors, LED lamps with a cold temperature mode are usually installed, and in children’s rooms, living rooms and other living rooms – with a warm shade.

Why Does My LED Light Flicker

Flickering when the Switch is On

Easily find out why the LED spotlight is flickering. Just turn it on and look at the LED. To protect your eyes from bright flashes, you should use dark glass. There are two reasons why the LED lamp may flicker when turned on. This insufficient voltage in the network and poor power supply. Sometimes the junction point between the crystal and the wire is temporarily shorted. The projector light starts flashing intermittently or continuously, then recovers. This malfunction is difficult to detect.

The Mains Voltage is Too Low
The LED element has two types of flicker: low frequency and high frequency. The range of mains current changes with a frequency of up to 50 times per second. It produces a sine wave. If the mains voltage is low, flickering occurs when the LED lights are switched on. This is a problem that often occurs in villages and some neighborhoods. The electricity is weak and the voltage in the socket does not exceed 200 V.

Problem with Poor Quality of the Product

If the LED is equipped with a bad power supply, it will not be able to smooth out the standing voltage in the network well enough. When the light flickers with a small amplitude, it may not be noticed by people. But too much flickering that occurs every day affects the retina and causes great damage to the eyes. A lighting fixture with an amplitude of 20% oscillation affects mental activity and ability to live. You should not read or use a computer in this lighting.

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