Why My LED Light Flickering?

Led Light Flicker

We will introduce how to solve the problem by knowing how to deal with each and how to prevent the flickering. Nowadays, the number of people who use LED lighting has increased considerably due to its power saving and cost reduction effects. On the other hand, there have been reports of flickering while using LED lighting.

What Causes Flicker?

LED lighting has a lighting method called “dynamic lighting,” which flashes at a constant frequency at high speed. By shortening the interval between high-frequency flashes, the afterimage phenomenon appears to the human eye as if the light is always on. Since the current does not flow all the time, power consumption is reduced and the life of the LED lighting is extended. Therefore, it is the lighting method used for many LED lighting.

What if Flicker Occurs?

It could be a faulty LED lighting, or it could be noise caused by working with electronics in the same room. In this case, please contact the manufacturer of the LED lighting you purchased. It seems that major manufacturers will check the products purchased by consumers in consideration of the possibility of defects in LED lighting.
And it seems that they will also deliver products that are less susceptible to noise from other devices. The response varies depending on the manufacturer, but if flicker occurs, it is a good idea to consult with them.

Led Light Flicker

What to do if the LED bulb flickers?

If you are using LED lighting and flicker occurs, what should you do? The causes of flicker can be divided into cases where there is a problem with the performance of the lighting itself and cases where there is a problem with the lighting .
Here, we introduce how to deal with flicker by cause.

  1. Choose flickerless lighting
  2. Have the circuit breakers and appliances checked
  3. Repair and replace LED lighting and wiring devices
  4. If you are having trouble with LED lighting flickering or malfunctioning, ask a professional to inspect and repair it.


What Causes LED Lighting to Flicker?
The cause of the flickering phenomenon of LED lighting is the minute flickering that occurs in lighting fixtures such as LEDs and fluorescent lights, as well as devices that emit light such as displays .

What are the negative effects caused by flicker?
Health hazards may occur due to flicker .

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